It was a long winter…

and I’m ready to get in the water! The lakes are starting to warm up, and I’m ready to get wet :).

Back from Bermuda

We are back from our Bermuda cruise.  Check out the pics here:

'09 Bermuda


Back from FL.

Well we made it back from FL, flat tire and all.  A lot of driving, but it was still a great trip.  Check out the pics.

FL Springs West Palm Beach '09

And here is a link to Mike E’s photos.

Leaving for Florida Springs!

Ahhh.  It’s been a long cold winter, but I’m finally getting out of town for a few days of diving.  We’ll be driving to Fl. Wednesday arriving Thursday.  We are diving Ginnie Springs on Thursday, Blue Grotto on Friday, and then heading to West Palm Beach for some boat dives on Saturday.

Hopefully I’ll be posting some pics soon, so keep checking back.


Mt. Storm Dive and Picnic

A group of us organized a dive and picnic up a Mt. Storm on Sunday 11/2 as kind of an unofficial end of the dive season.  We had a great time even though the visibility on the dive was horrible.  We started out with 6 divers, and it ended up being just Eric and I.  Everyone made it back safe eventually though.

Below are some pics.

MADD Divers Mt. Storm Picnic 11/02/08

Some more pics and some video of Bonaire.

I added a new gallery of pics taken by Tiffany.

And here are a few videos.

I’m Back!

OK, everyone made it back safe.  I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked, or a stable internet connection in Bonaire to make many posts, but I just threw some pics up in my gallery.  You can access them by clicking on the slideshow to the left or by clicking the following link.

Been Crazy.

It’s been non-stop diving, so I haven’t had much time to put anything up here.  I got a few mins before I get to bed, so here are some more pics from our dives.

Great Start!

Ahhh, the flight was a pain, but this place has made it all worth it.  This is definitely the coolest, most beautiful place I’ve ever been.  Especially once you get under the water.  We did 3 dives yesterday including a night dive last night.  I haven’t taken my camera underwater yet, but here are some pics off our balcony.



Well the time has finally come.  We fly out tomorrow morning, and will be in Bonaire tomorrow night.  If all goes as planned, my next post will be from the islands with a cold island drink in my hand.  🙂